We offer a wide variety of services to help businesses innovate within the ocean industries.

What we offer

Our consulting services

Looking for a short injection of innovation or are you about to realise or conceptualise a new business, service or product? We work with large corporations, SMEs, and innovative ideas to create sustainable solutions and long-term value.


Corporate business development

Offering insight and action.
Exponential changes across industries are forcing companies to constantly innovate. Our expertise brings new perspective and insight to any corporate strategy bracing for change.
Flow Accelerator batch 2020
Flow Accelerator batch 2020


Startup coaching

Hands-on coaching.
We've been there  ourselves, and know how to work directly with startups and scaleups to help them to hone in on potential investors, perfect their pitch and prepare for scale.


Innovation ecosystem development

Creating opportunities through connections.
We're active in connecting universities and government organisations with entrepreneurs, industry partners and investors to help drive innovation across sectors.
Flow Accelerator batch 2020
Flow Accelerator batch 2020


New tech scouting

Find your next competitive edge.
Our experience and network give us access to the frontline of new technological developments within the ocean industries—allowing unique opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage.


Pilot project design

Designed for success.
Our team's expertise within project design, research and commercialisation helps you create value through collaborative projects within your industry.
Flow Accelerator batch 2020

How we work together

Project success through partnership

Through a combination of industry experience and entrepreneurial mindset we work closely with our clients to offer them unique industry insight, innovative processes and strategic advisory within the ocean industries.

Case study
"We were up 50% after just one month."
Sturla Fjellvang
Captain Sigs
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Ready to accelerate?

Tap into our industry expertise and innovation methods to help you realise your next business, service or product.