It started with a bang!

Vind AI did not have the slow start many tech startups are used to. With the former leaders of Spacemaker investing 3 million NOK in the company within the first 6 months, Vind AI had a head start.

After selling Spacemaker to a large American company, the Spacemaker founders bet on their own team members to repeat the same success. The founders of Spacemaker decided to invest in a new startup created by their own colleagues! That startup is Vind AI, which joined Flow Accelerator back in the summer of 2022.

Relieving industry pain points

Vind AI developed software that combines access to data, analyses, optimization and collaboration in a user-friendly interface. The software can easily be accessed from the browser and gives a simple, and accurate way to screen new project sites and design parks in detail. This can be used to prepare for permit applications.

Vind AI aims to reduce project risk, cost and time, and increase the production efficiency, while mitigating the project’s impact on nature and the local community. The most common feedback they hear from users is that their solution saves time, and saving time leads to saving money.

A peek behind the curtain

When we recently sat down with Hilde Njøten and Helene Bøhler, two of the three Co-Founders, we got a closer look at how they’re growing Vind AI. What we learned may be key to helping other tech startups thrive.

Vind AI does a combination of unique things:

Firstly, they use their product in actual cases and real projects to get real feedback and results. Their product is actively deployed in projects in Norway at Utsira Nord, and Sørlige Nordsjø II.

Secondly, they grew a waiting list of users by making their product attractive to new adapters. Vind AI offered a free 3-month trial before moving users to a paid service.

Thirdly, they built the product by having the expert panel working directly on the solution. Vind AI also holds weekly meetings with the product development team to change and adapt quickly to new findings.

Recruitment is key

“Recruiting and expanding the Vind AI team has been fun,” said Helene, CEO. They believe that it’s an integral part of their success. “Hiring the right people helps us avoid mistakes early in the development of our product,” Helene shared.

They look for team members with strong industry and technology experience. Many of the most qualified applicants seem to want to apply and develop knowledge in the green industries. This makes them a great asset for Vind AI and their customers.

Vind.AI team

Take away

A key takeaway Vind AI leaves us with is that full focus on product development leads to value for users. They want their solution to be customizable. Along the way, they have recognized that it’s important to have the investments from Norway, but the product should be developed with data from all over the world. They are well on their way to making their product an industry standard!

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